Founded with a simple and powerful mission to create gummies that not only taste amazing but also offer a healthier alternative to traditional candies.

Welcome to Mr. Bill Trading. We are passionate about creating delicious, high-quality gummies & sourcing organic products that bring joy to people’s lives. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to deliver the best product experience to our customers. Here at Mr. Bill we take pride in our products and the positive impact they have on our community.

Premium Quality Ingredients

An Innovative & Tasty Formula For Your Health

“Mr. Bill” is an exclusive blend of top-quality ingredients chosen for their positive impact on your health. Mr. Bill candies combine the power of innovative technology, which with the help of fruit essences and spirulina form a winning formula that provides us with well-being and improves our everyday life

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    Featured Products

    Featured Products


    Our customers

    Eduardo Pontes

    What I like most about Mr. Bill's candies is the accentuated flavor of the fruits and its texture! The experience is so delicious that when I realized it, I've already finished the package and I'm ready for another one!

    Julia Guedon

    Mr. Bill is approved by me 100% ! I couldn’t stop eating it in the bus on my way home, it’s truly addictive! I’m sure it’s the beginning of the new Candy’s revolution worldwide!

    Amanda Pinheiro

    The candies did a lot of good for the people here at home, I noticed that we even started sleeping better and waking up well rested! Congratulations on everyone's commitment on providing us with health and balance!

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    January 3, 2023

    Slovenia Trading & Food Festival

    In January 2023, an event took place in Slovenia that focused on promoting and sponsoring fruit gummies in an international food market event. The event aimed to showcase the appeal and diversity of fruit gummies to a global audience

    June 22, 2022

    Event Campina Grande Do Sul

    In June 2022, a significant event took place in Campina Grande Do Sul, Brazil, with the aim of promoting and sponsoring MR BILL gummies on an international stage. The event was organized as a strategic marketing initiative

    January 2, 2022

    Events In Brazil

    In January 2022, an exciting event took place in Brazil that showcased and promoted MR BILL fruit gummies on an international stage. The event combined the vibrant world of music with the delicious appeal of MR BILL gummies